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Votebook Kiosk

10-inches larger screen than traditional Votebook.

Has its own pedestal with curvy shape and custom branding engraved and led-enlightened on.

  • Improved customer to register their views on the adequacy of the quality of service and staff are touchscreen computing devices.
  • Services are asked to evaluate the services of individuals during the presentation and the best from the touch screen presenting negative right choices required to specify the personal opinion of each individual.
  • The responses wireless network (WiFi) gathered media reported on the host computer.
  • ¬†Different types of reporting (graphical and numerical representation) and the criteria set.
  • You may be asked multiple questions to gauge customer satisfaction. After each answer, depending on the answer to a previous question or independently may be asked a new question.
  • Questions may also be intended to determine customer preferences. Thus, new product / service / campaign to obtain realistic about the options and measurements used in determining corporate strategy.
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